Through the eyes of artists: A pictorial journey of British landscapes

The exhibition spans the lifetimes of British landscape painters from the seventeenth century, from the birth of Joseph Mallord William Turner to modern times, as represented by contemporary painter David Hockney. This show provides a pictorial documentation of the evolution in tastes, styles and subject matter in landscape paintings throughout the past several centuries. The development and evolution of British landscape paintings over the past centuries show that the format can communicate a myriad of messages and meanings. The challenge for artists continues, regardless of their style or intellectual interests.   

Bigger Trees near Warter (2007)
The Surrey Canal, Camberwell (1935)
Otho, with John Larkin up (1768)
Arenig, North Wales (1913)
Glacier of Rosenlaui (1856)
Hampstead Heath, with the House Called
Harvest Home, Sunset: The Last Load (1853)
Italian Landscape, probably Civita di Bagnoregio (1828)
Lost Mine (1959)
An Avalanche in the Alps (1803)
Farm Pond, Leonard Stanley (1940)
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Text Martin Wray / Photos Cammy Yiu