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The best of the northeastern French wine

Located in northeastern France, on the borders of Switzerland and Germany and between the Vosges Mountains and Rhine River, this ten-mile-wide, eighty-mile-long strip of land is protected from westerly rains, making it one of the driest areas in France.

The region’s diverse terroir and soils, comprising thirteen distinct soil types from eight mother rocks that range from volcanic to limestone to clay, make Alsace one of the world’s most geologically diverse regions. The region’s passionate, innovative winemakers, with sustainability efforts at the forefront, produce high-quality wines for any occasion or budget.

This cool-continental climate region is blessed with abundant sunshine, allowing for the slow ripening of its grapes, which produce aromatic, balanced and complex wines. Primarily known for its world-class white wines, its seven main varieties are: mineral Riesling, earthy Pinot Gris, refreshing Pinot Blanc, spicy Gewurztraminer, elegant Pinot Noir, aromatic Muscat and delicate Sylvaner.

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Text Sally Cheng / Photos Vins d’Alsace