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M+ Museum exhibition
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New Horizons Ways of Seeing Hong Kong Art in the 80s & 90s
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It’s time for a much-needed revival and refresh

A flurry of press releases came through from museums, galleries and cultural venues – with the collective shoutout, “We are back!”

This has been a long time coming. Hong Kong has endured four months of restrictions, and the urge to burst out and about and explore the many fabulous facilities and places around the city is on my mind. I am ready to go forth and get a big, BIG dose of life – again.

Amongst the places and spaces back in business are some of my favourites.

Here are the top three places I have been looking forward to revisiting for a long time.

Number 1: Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden

In CULTURE 196, we featured Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden (KFBG), “Where nature’s artistry and nurture are effortlessly balanced”. Since that feature, I returned to the farm, bought their annual pass, and revisited often. The last time I was there, I left with a dozen freshly laid eggs produced by their resident laying hens and a basket load of organic veggies. I plan to return.

The fabulous shuttle bus service takes visitors up and down the hill and is a real treat and a bargain. So, if you want to visit, I suggest buying the shuttle bus ticket and going up the mountain early, then working your way back down… slowly. With more than 148 hectares, visitors can safely enjoy the outdoor beauty of the grounds, the plants, and the animals in relative isolation.

Number 2: M+ Museum

In CULTURE 203, we featured a new world-class destination with the grand opening of the M+ Museum on 12 November 2021. This gallery is grand in scale and scope and reaches a total floor area of 65,000 square metres, of which 17,000 square metres are devoted to thirty-three gallery spaces. It is one of the world’s largest museums of modern and contemporary visual culture.

Their exciting new attractions include new indoor and outdoor displays. The South Roof Garden on Level 3 of the M+ building now displays the M+ Playscape, a collaborative work with The Isamu Noguchi Foundation and Garden Museum, New York, as a semi-permanent installation.

Number 3: Hong Kong Museum of Art

For the feature on Mythologies, Surrealism and Beyond, in CULTURE 198, I spent a good part of a whole day enjoying the fabulous showing of art masterpieces from Centre Pompidou, hosted in The Hong Kong Museum of Art (HKMoA). It was a wonderful reminder of how some world-renowned blockbuster art shows come to us here in Hong Kong. Since its lengthy renovation, the museum has become one of my favourite places. Its spectacular floor-to-ceiling glass façade facing the harbour boasts one of the best views of the Hong Kong skyline from Kowloon. With my annual museum pass giving me value-for-money access to all shows in the building, a quick pop-in to see whatever was on view at any moment was a must whenever I was in the area.

It’s time to get back to seeking out the wonders and the reviving arts and culture in Hong Kong.


Text & photos Cammy Yiu