Art Seminar Speaker Credential

Masters of Business Administration (MBA) 2000, Kellogg-HKUST, Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management (Chicago) / Hong Kong University of Science Technology (HKUST)

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) Arts & Design 1987, University of Alberta, Canada


Cammy obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) Arts & Design degree from the University of Alberta and an Arts Management Certificate from the Banff School of Fine Arts. In addition, she has attended summer courses at the Emily Carr University of Arts and Design in Vancouver.

Cammy’s BFA Arts & Design degree includes a major in Photography and a minor in Art History. Throughout the past 30 years, Cammy has visited many of the world’s renowned art galleries and museums. 

She attended the No. 1 ranked Kellogg-HKUST Executive MBA Program at the Hong Kong University of Science & Technology. She holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree, issued jointly by HKUST and Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.

Published Art Features

Cammy has written and published art features for:


CULTURE Magazine

Available also through:

She has published feature articles on The Louvre, Foundation Louis Vuitton, Versailles, Muse Jacque Mart, Musee d’Orsay Musee D’Art Modern, Musee du Quai Branley, Picasso Museum, Centre Pompidou (France), Bonte Museum (Korea), British Museum, Victoria & Albert Museum, Tate Modern (London), Shanghai Sculpture Park, Yue Hu Museum of Art (China), Hong Kong Art Museum, Hong Kong Heritage Museum (Hong Kong), Guggenheim Collection (Venice), National Gallery (Singapore), GOMA (Australia), Macao Museum of Art (Macau), Palace Museum Hong Kong, M+ Sigg Collection, M+ Museum.

Cammy has also written features articles on specific Artists: Toulouse-Lautrec, Francis Bacon, Georgia O’Keeffe, Claude Monet, Roberto Turnbull, David Hockney, Tong King-sum, Blake Ward; Photographers: Robert Mapplethorpe, Paul Strand, John Thomson, Cerraeh Laykin; Art Movements: Art Nouveau, Impressionism, Abstract Expressionism; and Art Collections such as The Shchukin Collection, and the Sir Elton John Collection.

Art Fairs

Cammy has attended art fairs, as a delegate, all around the world, including Art Basel (Hong Kong), Abu Dhabi Art (Abu Dhabi), Art Dubai (Dubai), 21.39 Jeddah Art (Saudi Arabia) and SH Contemporary (Shanghai). In addition, she attends the annual art fairs in Hong Kong regularly.

CULTURE Magazine has been a media sponsor for Fine Art Asia, whereby Cammy conducted private art tours and seminars for select art connoisseurs.

Art Basel Participation

Art Basel Hong Kong 2017. Cammy moderated a panel discussion for “Role of Philanthropy in Arts and Culture”, an Optimus Foundation event held for UBS’s private clients.

Art Basel Hong Kong 2018. Cammy interviewed artist Sebastian Errazuriz as part of the UBS Open Classroom, Artist in Focus, held for UBS’s private clients.

Art Basel Hong Kong 2019. Cammy moderated a panel discussion for The topic “Making a Difference: Art & Community I Hong Kong with Howard Bilton, Chairman and Founder of Sovereign Art Foundation, and Chin Chin Teoh, Co-Director, CHAT” held for UBS’s private clients.

Asia Society Participation

A NEW AGE OF CULTURE: The Digitisation of Arts and Heritage 2017. In a round table discussion on the role of technology in the cultural sector and assessing the level of digitisation in different countries across the globe.

Curatorial Work

Cammy is an active member of the Foreign Correspondence’s Wall Committee and has curated the following photo exhibitions for display on the club’s walls:

  • John Thomson, 2014
  • Hong Kong 1967-1968 Riots, 2017
  • FCC Photojournalism Student Exhibition, 2018
  • FCC Photojournalism Student Exhibition, 2019
  • FCC Photojournalism Student Exhibition, 2020
  • FCC Photojournalism Student Exhibition, 2021
  • Paul Cox, 2021
  • Lawrence Hylton, 2022
  • FCC Photojournalism Student Exhibition, 2022
  • FCC Photojournalism Student Exhibition, 2023