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So, how did a kid with this history end up in Hong Kong as a food and wine writer?

My earliest memory of wine is that of having a sip of Andrès Baby Duck from my aunt’s glass. This was in the 1970s, and at that time this sweet sparkling wine was popular in Canada. 

I was a child, and that memory lingers because it was such an “adult” thing to do – to drink wine. But truthfully, I wasn’t impressed. It was cool and sparkling, and that was nice. I remembered the flavour similar to my favourite soft drink – grape-flavoured soda pop.

Wine for a Chinese immigrant family in Canada was as alien to us as cheese and yoghurt. It just was not part of our diet or our culture. There was some beer in the house – my dad had one once a month – maybe. My dad also had a bottle of spirit in the cabinet. But he soaked sliced ginseng, and it did not look palatable or drinkable.

In high school, some of my friends and I got naughty, poured gin into our slurpees and brought them into math class. My math teacher couldn’t figure out why there was such a fit of giggling from the girls at the back of the class.

In university, my friends and I headed to Dewey’s, the pub at the University of Alberta’s HUB mall, every Friday night. We would nurse a beer or maybe two – the whole night. But I was a poor fine arts student, and I spent what money I had on tuition and art supplies. I didn’t have money to drink.

So how did a kid with this history become a food and wine writer in Hong Kong? The story is a long one – decades-long, really – and one I would like to share with you.

So, let my story begin…