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Home with a View

In this new serial, the art of the MTR system is featured, one line at a time. Within the Island Line, there are twenty-six permanent art installations at MTR stations. Some standout pieces worth stopping to admire include this one at Central Station.      

Home with a View by Lucia N.Y. Cheung is located just off a busy lower platform of Central Station. Unlike so many of the other artworks described here, it seems to be ignored by most passengers. Perhaps this is because it has become so familiar, or because there is not enough space to back-up and properly view it, or it may be that people do not recognize its value. It is valuable; the auction house Christie’s recently sold another of Cheung’s works. The size and scale of the work is staggering. Using only tiles, Cheung has created an image that incorporates traditional Chinese subjects like flowers, landscapes and birds and juxtaposed them with modern Hong Kong buildings and bathed them all in the light of a golden sunset. The complexity of the medium is a reminder of the complexity that makes Hong Kong the magnificent city that it is today.   

Text Martin Wray / Photos Dave Chung