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Simply Natural

Champagne Henri Giraud is a family-owned producer founded in the seventeenth century in the village of Ay.  They created a revolution by working as naturally as possible to create champagnes that are pristine pure and delicious.

Their dedication is summed up by their motto:

“Ne rien s’interdire, ne s’obliger à rien, faire du bon vin naturellement.”

 “Let us be bound by neither restrictions nor obligations – let us simply make good wine, sound in body and mind.”

Their meticulous wine making starts with quality grapes grown with the minimum of intervention and no pesticides or fungicides, so the grape juice is healthy and low sulphur. 

It is an unfortunate truth that there can be traces of unwanted substances in a glass of wine. Modern farming techniques and the push to gain greater yields requires the use of pesticides and herbicides. These chemicals do find their way into the final product in wine making. This may be surprising, but the wine industry has known for a long time that micrograms of residual harmful chemicals are present in modern wines.

Henri Giraud focuses on natural methods. No herbicides or pesticides in the vineyards, minimum intervention, and low sulphates in the wines.

All Henri Giraud wines are firstly exceptionally good still white wines. The range produces different blends with grapes, primarily Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grown from this area. In Ay, the ground is unique, as it has a lot of chalk, so it adds salinity and minerality to the wine. This gives the still wines similar characteristics. Then the second fermentation gives the bubbles.

The first wine I tasted was the Espirit Nature. It translates to “Spirit of Nature”. This is to give due to Henri Giraud’s respect of nature and because it was the first house to certify that no pesticides are used in the vineyards. This is their flagship – a modern and easy entry level wine for consumers at an excellent value.