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Inspired Ceramics

On show are thirty-five sculptural ceramic works and internationally recognised sculptures. The works portray the innocence of childhood. While some show the joy of childhood activities and vivid characters that project an appealing naiveté, curiosity and mischievousness, other artworks focus solely on children being children.

The Childhood in Ceramic exhibition gathers three acclaimed ceramic artists from Taiwan: Ah Leon (Chen Ching-Liang), Lee Chin-Sheng and Leo Tang (Tang Shou-Nan).

The “Childhood Series” by artist Lee Chin-Sheng has preserved the artist’s own youth in realism and echoes childlike innocence. The tinged and plain textures show traces of joy from simple childhood activities through the mixture of various clays and the heating of clay under high temperatures. This is also reflected in the details of children’s simple clothing, shy faces, and bare feet. The series leads viewers to reminisce about their childhood days, creating resonance in memories.

Text & photos by Martin Wray