Frog King Mobile Museum

The works of Kwok Mang-ho are characterised by bold marks amongst a cacophony of colours. His colourful art is featured in the exhibition at the Hong Kong Museum of Art, titled “Classics Remix: The Hong Kong Viewpoint“.

Kwok Mang-ho is also known as the Frog King, an eccentric and unconventional multi-media artist. His works are easy to recognise, as they have a unique style that is dynamic, vigorous, and colourful.

His artworks often appear with frog themes and images. Because of this, Kwok’s work and identity as an artist became intrinsically linked with the “frog”. In 2001, he took the theme further by starting the Frog King Kwok Museum Project. He has exhibited his art around the world as well as locally. Two of his works, Frogtopia Arch and FrogScape, are exhibited just outside the Ho Man Tin MTR Station.

Frog King – Kwok Mang-ho (1)
Frog King – Kwok Mang-ho (2)
Frog King – Kwok Mang-ho (3)
Frog King – Kwok Mang-ho (4)
Frog King – Kwok Mang-ho (5)
Frog King – Kwok Mang-ho (6)
Frog King – Kwok Mang-ho (7)
Frog King – Kwok Mang-ho (8)
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Kwok has fun with his art. He incorporates various styles and genres, such as Chinese brush painting and calligraphy, with the boldness of street art and the spontaneity of graffiti to create expressive marks on his artwork. He works in different mediums and has created paintings, sculptures, environmental installations, and video installations, as well as performances.

The exhibition at the Museum of Art shows Kwok’s talent and range. A huge installation seems to be a studio setting, undoubtedly that of the Frog King, showing the den of the artist, complete with frog images, colours, and bold symbols amongst a cacophony of colours, symbols, and characters. If this represents the mind of an artist, then we have been given a glimpse of creativity at work. Kwok’s works are a visual delight.

Text & photos Cammy Yiu