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Sunshine on Our Quilt

In this continuation of our serial, we examine the social context of art in the MTR stations. Successful artists provoke shared memories and emotions, expose us to different perspectives and enrich our environment by providing appealing reminders of our cultures. 

Ng Ka Chun’s art aims to preserve culture by providing an updated perspective on traditional practices. For the Hin Keng Station, Chun’s inspiration came when he observed the local practice of hanging quilts over fences to air them out. Noticing the array of quilt colours and patterns, he collected and photographed the patchworks and used those images to adorn the glass canopy above the entrance to the station. Shifting light from the sun and ambient lighting from the street create a constantly changing kaleidoscope observable both by looking up and by observing the light patterns on the ground.              

Chun went one step further and conducted several community workshops for residents to create original patterns, which he then painted onto two ‘permanent’ blanket sculptures near the station entrance. He even provided additional racks for residents to continue their practice of sunning quilts.   

Text Martin Wray / Photos Dave Chung