Ho Man Tin Station (FrogScape) (1)
Ho Man Tin Station (FrogScape) (2)
Ho Man Tin Station (FrogScape) (3)
Ho Man Tin Station (FrogScape) (4)
Ho Man Tin Station (FrogScape) (5)
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A mutation of Chinese ink & brush, calligraphy and graffiti

In this continuation of our serial, we admire the art along the Kwun Tong Line. Even without art training, you may find it can mentally and emotionally transport you to a better place. This includes helping you feel nostalgic, tranquil, blessed, happy, joyful, and accepted

FrogScape is an outdoor sculpture that contains two paintings on vitreous enamel panels. The artists describe their paintings as “a combination and mutation of Chinese ink and brush, calligraphy and graffiti techniques”. Happy Rail and Ink Horse are abstract renderings of a train and horse, respectively. Of course, there is a frog motif in all the work of the Frog King and Queen. In this piece, frogs can be found in the paintings and the silver domes represent frogs’ eyes.

At first glance, the work seems random, chaotic and childlike, but in fact, it draws from the Cubist style in which the artist tears apart the subject and reassembles it outside of the confines of realism or a single point of view. This allows for a creative study and reinterpretation of the subject, which is typically about the impact of mechanization and modern life. This art piece links the experience of travelling with a sense of whimsy and fun, and helping people feel happy is the main goal of these artists.        

Text Martin Wray / Photos Dave Chung