Frogtopia Arch
Frogtopia Arch – Detail 1
Frogtopia Arch – Detail 2
Frogtopia Arch – Detail 3
Frogtopia Arch – Detail 4
Frogtopia Arch – Detail 5
Frogtopia Arch – Detail 6
Frogtopia Arch – Detail 7
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Frogtopia Arch

Frog King (Kwok Mang-ho) and Frog Queen (Cho Hyun-jae) Stainless Steel and Vitreous Enamel Panel, September 2016

In this continuation of our serial, we admire the art along the Kwun Tong Line. Even without art training, you may find it can mentally and emotionally transport you to a better place. This includes helping you feel nostalgic, tranquil, blessed, happy, joyful, and accepted.

Frogtopia Arch continues the theme of helping people feel the fun in art. Here, the artists invite you to look up and find joy in discovering frogs in Chinese ink paintings, calligraphy, and graffiti. The domes help by providing, in the reflections, a frog’s view of the world. 

One can see a substantial similarity between the Frogtopia Arch and the work of the renowned pioneer of abstract art, Alexander Calder. Calder made boldly coloured monumental abstract shapes from industrial materials. He was also intentional in creating art spaces that invited visitors to walk under and around, both to draw attention to the work itself and the immediate surroundings. The Frog King and Queen have adopted the idea that an unexpected vantage point amplifies the viewer’s experience of the art and, in doing so, makes it more fun.

Text Martin Wray / Photos Dave Chung