Judy Ongg in ‘Zu: Warriors From The Magic Mountain’, 1982-83
‘2046’, 1999
‘Yes, Madam’, 1985
‘Happy Together’ with Leslie Cheung & Tony Leung, 1997
‘The Midnight After’, 2014
‘Shock Wave 2’, 2010
Chu Yuan, 1980
Anita Mui ‘Rouge’, 1987
‘Election’, 2005
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Image makers present a retrospective showing of candid visuals

The visual works of twelve artistic talents are presented in one exhibition at the Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre. Off-sets: Photographies of Hong Kong Cinema compares, contrasts and illustrates the distinctive styles, means and formats of multiple directors, art directors, cinematographers, production and stills photographers, costume and set designers and journalists who have made substantial contributions to moviemaking.

On display are the results of “image makers” whose extensive use of photography presents a broad range of visual constructions that reflect varying narratives.

As a visual art form, film conveys a broad range of ideas and concepts through imagery, soundtrack and pacing. From behind-the-scenes preparation to on-set performances, filming, and production, image makers capture and then convey messages and thoughts to the audience.

This exhibition presents photography and film stills created and conceived by a desire to show a particular point of view. The images provoke reflections on the industry, its people and the environment in which they operate and create.

Photography and film are both conceived by a desire to make sense from behind the viewfinder. These image makers have succeeded in opening the shutter a little wider on this creative process.

Text & Photos courtesy of Hong Kong International Photo Festival