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World-class attraction for tourists and photographers

Though Hong Kong is often seen as a bustling and busy city, with imposing skyscrapers making up a “concrete jungle”, what many tourists don’t realise is that a majority of the land in the city and the new territories is green space.

We have many large nature parks, including country parks, marine parks, and a wetland park, which are perfect for a weekend escape from the city, whether for day visits or overnight camping. Visiting these is one of the best ways to unwind.

One of the places I have heard plenty about is the Hong Kong Global Geopark. The Geopark was inaugurated in 2009 and became part of the Global Geoparks Network under UNESCO in 2011.

Though collectively known as the Hong Kong Global Geopark, the name encompasses several smaller country parks, spanning fifty square kilometres across the Eastern and Northeastern New Territories.

The Geopark covers two main regions, the Sai Kung Volcanic Rock Region, and the Northeast New Territories Sedimentary Rock Region, as well as several islands, including Sharp, Basalt and Ninepin Islands. Each of these areas has its own distinctive landforms and natural attractions.

Among these attractions are waterfalls and natural pools, as well as unique and distinctive geological formations such as the rare hexagonal columns in Sai Kung and Hong Kong’s highest sea arch.

The Sai Kung Volcanic Rock Region is the site where the famous hexagonal columns are located. The rarity and unusual appearance of these rocks makes them a world-class attraction, and their imposing stature and shape make them a focal point for tourists and photographers.

Text & Photos Cammy Yiu