Hong Kong through Australian Eyes
Jayne Russell & Isaac Lawrence
Elizabeth Ward
Jayne Russell
Simon Fuller
Isaac Lawrence
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Australians connecting to Hong Kong

Four Australian photographers living in the city are the subject of an exhibition: Hong Kong Through Australian Eyes.

Australian Consul-General Elizabeth Ward says the collection of photographs is just a small sample of how Australians feel connected to Hong Kong. “This is a connection of long standing, dating back more than 200 years when the first Cantonese-speaking migrants ventured south seeking new opportunities.”

Palani Mohan, Isaac Lawrence, Simon Fuller and Jayne Russell shared their views, their inspirations, why they love Hong Kong and how they chose the images for this show.

Palani Mohan reflected on the images that he chose for the exhibition.

“I’ve lived in Hong Kong for a long time. And this is the third time we’ve come back. Each time, we’ve had a different experience. When I first came to Hong Kong in 1998, I was fascinated about the hustle and bustle of people and the noise.”

Text & photos by Martin Wray