Pair of small cups with auspicious patterns of pine trees and cranes in fencai enamels
Teapot with the “Three Friends of Winter” motif in doucai enamels
Jar decorated with blue splashes in white glaze
Tiger-shaped pillow, Changzhi ware
Bowl with pierced lattice and shou character decorations
Jar carved with black floral design on white gourd, Cizhou ware
Bronze gui, food vessel of Xizhong
Belt plaque carved with figures in landscape design in openwork
Square dish decorated with clouds, dragons and shou character design in underglaze blue
Jar decorated with clouds, dragons and shou characters design in underglaze blue
Honouring Tradition and Heritage: Min Chiu Society at Sixty
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The best Chinese art from the collection of society members is on display

An exhibition of over 300 works of Chinese art is on display. They include paintings and calligraphy, ceramics, jade, glass, lacquer wares, bamboo and wood carvings, furniture, textiles, and China Trade arts.

The show is jointly presented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department and the Min Chiu Society and co-organised by the Hong Kong Museum of Art.

The Min Chiu Society is commemorating its sixtieth anniversary this year with a signature showing of the absolute best of Chinese art from the collections of Society members. The Min Chiu Society is a private collective of elite art connoisseurs with sophisticated knowledge of ancient artefacts and antiques. They have been an essential cultural force devoted to fostering intellectual exchange, collecting, studying, and promoting Chinese art.

Since their founding, they have fostered “an earnest pursuit of classic knowledge, with a passion for antiquity”.

The members’ art collections are eclectic and consist of Chinese cultural treasures and artefacts that date from antiquity to contemporary times. The society often organises smaller thematic exhibitions to show the collection, with more elaborate and extensive shows like this one to celebrate significant milestones.

Text and Photos Courtesy of Hong Kong Museum of Art