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Horizon in Time

In this continuation of our serial, we examine the social context of art in the MTR stations. Successful artists provoke shared memories and emotions, expose us to different perspectives and enrich our environment by providing appealing reminders of our cultures. 

Local artist Kingsley Ng started with high altitude panoramic images of interesting airports around the world, converted them into monochromatic, floor-to-ceiling images and mounted them on the wall of the pedestrian tunnel that leads from Entrance B to the Kai Tak Station concourse. Although large, the images are subtle and require effort to appreciate.  

That said, the effort to appreciate this art offers rewards. With Horizon in Time, Ng invites us to look with more macroscopic eyes, to allow the large scale to remind us that we in these communities share much, and that large infrastructure projects like airports and subway lines are only possible when people in communities cooperate.  

While you are in Kai Tak Station, be sure to have a look at the chandelier at Entrance D. It is an abstract interpretation of the old airport runway and a reminder that life is fuller when we are surrounded by lovely things.  

Text Martin Wray / Photos Dave Chung