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An Opportunity for Art Appreciation

There are multiple reasons to visit Kowloon Park.

It provides space to interact with others, to exercise or enjoy picnics, a place to explore the hedge maze and view exotic birds, or simply a place to explore the sights, sounds and smells of the groomed lakes, paths, flowers and trees.

I recently discovered this fifty-year-old park hid an unassuming collection of sculptures, I revisited with the intent to explore the park fully.

In the southeast corner of the park is the Sculpture Walk, consisting of nineteen artworks made of steel, marble, bronze, and granite that have withstood the ravages of the last twenty-five years well. Sheltered under old trees, nestled in alcoves, and surrounded by comfortable benches, these sculptures offer an opportunity for stimulating art appreciation and lively conversation.      

Kowloon Park is an underutilised treasure, as are the sculptures therein. It offers the rare opportunity to see, feel and leisurely admire art that prompts conversation and helps us explore ideas from a different perspective. As the weather cools, consider the Kowloon Park Sculpture Walk for a much-needed outdoor break and your next family staycation excursion. 

Text Martin Wray / Photos Martin Wray & Werner Schulz