Bowl with dragon design in green enamel on yellow ground
Bowl with crane design in green enamel on yellow ground
Warming bowl with scene of 3 Visits to the Hut in underglaze blue
Stem Bowl with anhua dragon design in tianbai glaze
Tea bowl in black glaze painted with plum blossom in moonlight, Jizhou ware, Jiangxi
Pouch-shaped vase with chi-dragon and floral scroll design in painted enamels
Pottery tea grinder impressed with butterfly design
Pair of vases in opaque yellow & Bowl with wheel-cut and etched floral design in reserved panels in transparent amber glass
Pair of dishes with flowers and insects design in mother of pearl inlay
Carved ball in openwork
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Five Colours in Ceramics

The curators at the Hong Kong Museum of Art have put together a show that illustrates how art reflects the politics, social order, commerce and aesthetics of the times. In the exhibition titled #popcolours, the displays are grouped around the theme of five colours: black, blue, red, white and yellow.

Colour as a motif for this exhibition was inspired by the use of colours to designate social order in Chinese dynasties. The Qin dynasty (221 BC-206 BC) favoured black on all vehicles, flags, banners and clothing used by the imperial courts. Yellow became prominent with the imperial household during the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing dynasties.

Flawless examples of ceramics, pottery, carvings, and other items are juxtaposed with selected modern artworks from the museum’s collection.

Text & Photos Martin Wray