3 carps painted on a door photographed at sunset
The 3 towers
Yung Shue Wan Village sign
Evil Eye Trinkets
Boats floating in Yung Shue Wan harbour
The Pier at sunset
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Lamma Island offers an easy-going lifestyle

We headed off to the outlying island on a sunny Saturday, making the most of the warm weather that is Hong Kong winter. The ferry was abuzz with hikers, families, and weekend tourists eager to explore a new corner of the city. Upon arrival, the footpath from the ferry pier allows for a picturesque view of rolling mountains and small boats resting near the shoreline, joined up with Yung Shue Wan main street. Largely comprised of seafood restaurants and independent stores, Lamma’s equivalent to High Street stays true to the area’s history (and current standing) as Hong Kong’s largest fishing site while offering sights and goods to keep visitors’ interests piqued.

Not yet in the mood for food, we kept our eyes open for specific stores we were eager to explore. In contrast to the sleek interiors and polished looks of stores in Hong Kong’s many shopping districts, Lamma’s storefronts give off a relaxed and laid-back feel that contributes to or even perpetuates, the island’s reputation as an easy-going, “hippy” place. After a busy week hustling at office jobs, this chill atmosphere is what likely has city slickers flocking to the slow-going community.

Text Victoria Mae Martyn / Photos Victoria Mae Martyn and Martin Wray