Soft Monster in Angelic Lanscape
Vetrata del coro
Maquette per la Fleche della Capella del Rosario di Vence
St Joan of Arc
Crucifix (pour l’autel)
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The Vatican Museum’s collection of contemporary art is also significant

The immense Vatican Museums exhibit some of the world’s most renowned works of ancient and historical art. 

Not as well-known as the iconic works by Renaissance master artists, the Vatican Museum’s collection of contemporary art is also significant. The collection was a result of Pope Paul VI’s desire to reinstate the church’s prominence in contemporary culture and as a patron of modern art. The collection covers the end of the nineteenth century up to the early twentieth century and consists of around 8,000 works. The collection includes works by important artists such as Vincent Van Gogh, Marc Chagall, and Henri Matisse. An entire space was dedicated to the works by Henri Matisse, thanks to an extraordinary donation by the artist’s son, Pierre Matisse.

For anyone interested in art and history, a visit to the museums in Vatican City is essential. A full-day’s visit is not enough to take in the history and significance of all its treasures; but it is a good start.