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My Home

In this series on Art in the MTR Stations, we present installations in the Tsuen Wan line. The definition of what is art or artistic may change from one person to the next. One general definition postulate that “art is the conscious creation of something beautiful or meaningful using skill and imagination.”

My Home by Hung Chu is instructional on how Hong Kong people can enjoy art. It depicts an ideal environment to appreciate art: a tranquil garden of a traditional Chinese aristocrat. It is easy to look at this image and imagine enjoying a cup of tea while playing chess as you admire the decorative porcelain and caged birds. This might be the Chinese equivalent of relaxing in a large leather chair in an old British study surrounded by leather-bound books, smoking a fine cigar and drinking a glass of sherry while admiring a prominent old master’s painting. My Home draws you into a distinctly Chinese but timeless, relaxing, peaceful place surrounded by the finer things in life. But this artwork is not in a tranquil garden or quiet study; it is in a frenzied section of Yau Ma Tei Station. And it is not painted on fine silk but is instead a mosaic of industrial glass. My Home is just where it needs to be. It is a reminder that serenity is a mindset and not a place. Next time you walk through this station, allow yourself to be drawn into the world this artist has imagined and enjoy a moment in a timeless, relaxed, peaceful place. This is what art is all about.