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People passing by, people lazing by

Rosanna Li Wei-han is an accomplished ceramicist and design educator. She studied ceramics at the Hong Kong Polytechnic and then pursued her undergraduate studies in Art Education at the University of Liverpool. She later earned a Diploma in Art Education from the University of London Institute of Education, a Masters Degree in Educational Management from Cheltenham & Gloucester College and a Masters Degree in Cultural Studies from Lingnan University. For over twenty-five years, she taught at the School of Design at Hong Kong Polytechnic and her work can also be seen at the Hong Kong Museum of Art’s “Classics Remix: The Hong Kong Viewpoint” exhibition. 

Li’s inspiration comes from her empathy with people she observes in commonplace activities. Her chosen art form is sculpting figurines in clay. Her characters are robust, and their faces are amicable in a way that invites you to like them. People passing by, people lazing by has six figures at ease in slow, relaxing activities. They each have a look of contentment as if to say we should slow down, relax and enjoy life. This is an unusual installation because the characters are life-sized and because Li incorporated two stools and one small round table for people to linger alongside her creations. This is art that takes you to a better place.