Guided Breathing & Stretching to Boost Relaxation & Stress Relief

I developed a series of easy meditations with stretching routines that give soothing release and relaxation.

Neck Stretches – An easy 15-minute session to help you relax and stretch tense and tired neck and shoulder muscles

Tone and Strengthen Techniques

Arm Stretches – A 30-minute session to guide you to tone and strengthen your shoulder and arm muscles

Flexibility and Movement Exercises

Leg Stretches – A 30-minute session to increase your flexibility and your range of motion for your hip, thigh, and calf

The Mobility for Life Method for Relaxation

5 Benefits

  • Stretch and relieve the tension on the muscles you are stretching
  • Meditate and focus your thought and action on the present moment
  • Listen to gentle coaching, with soothing and calming background music
  • Breathe with guidance, IN through your nose, OUT through your mouth
  • Reduce distractions and worries with a guided session of mobility for life stretches

The Mobility for Life Method is SIMPLE

3 Things to Focus On

  • The numbers on a clock
  • Your breathing
  • The muscle you are stretching

Think of Numbers on a Clock

We use the numbers, on the face of a clock, to guide us through the routine of stretches and rotations.

Breathing and Meditation Exercise

With each number and stretch, we breathe, deeply IN through the nose, and OUT through the mouth.

The POWER of the Mind & Body Connection

As we stretch, we focus on the muscles being stretched and give our attention entirely to our body and its amazing abilities to heal, grow and sustain.

The Mobility for Life Method – Make it a Part of your Daily Routine

You can use any one of these guided videos as part of your exercise routine, to augment a morning wakeup session or anytime throughout the day to stretch and relax.